Highlights - Lea Marie redefines "freshman" Image

March 2009

For the average freshman, not blending into a new school can be serious concern. Freshman Lea Marie Golde however does not mind. At the age of 14, Golde has written and composed over 60 original songs and has performed in a multitude of LA's popular clubs.

But aside from the typical Beverly Hills image she currently bears, Golde caught public attention at the age of 11 with her first song written for piano titled "All I Want is You". Working off the success of her first song, Golde followed up with the song "Tell Me Why," which illustrates a teenager's first love. Golde soon added producer to her impressive resume while working in her home recording studio. Her first produced work will be her debut CD, of which 11 tracks from the album have already been registered with BMI. Like a typical teenage girl. Golde loves to hang out at malls with her friends and bike at Venice beach.