"IndieMusicDigest.com Review" 4/10/2012

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Lea Marie's next release Undercover Lover is due out in May 2012. You may remember Lea Marie as one of the more memorable American Idol contestants (2009). Lea Marie has made a name for herself releasing multiple albums thus far and making a name for herself within the Recording Industry as a premier Independent Artist.

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"IndieShark.com Review" 4/9/2012

The Artist I recently checked out the latest EP from Southern California Singer/Songwriter Lea Marie entitled
Undercover Lover (2012). This is her second release to date. Marie was one of the more memorable contestants
on American Idol a few years back, and unlike most of the other contestants that didn't make it to Hollywood -
Marie is still making her mark musically with vigilance and resolve.

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Muzikreviews.com CD 5/1/2009

Teen sensation Lea Marie released her debut self titled CD in April 2009. You may remember Lea Marie as a contestant on this year’s American Idol. As I remember it she described herself as a combination between Hillary Duff and Madonna. She burst onto the stage with her bright smile, spiral notebook full of her own songs, and claimed to be Kara DioGuardis’s number one fan. Usually never a smart approach in this business, but nevertheless the audition went on and really didn’t go so great.

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Music Connection #1 POP Demo critique January 2007

Hard to imagine a package that's tighter than this one. In every way, 16 year-old Lea Marie's music and visual presentation are commercially viable. The expertly performed and produced song "World of Wonders" simply pops. The artist not only sings well, but has lots of pro stage experience which suggests she can put these tunes over in a live setting.

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Highlights - Lea Marie redefines "freshman" Image March 2009

For the average freshman, not blending into a new school can be serious concern. Freshman Lea Marie Golde however does not mind. At the age of 14, Golde has written and composed over 60 original songs and has performed in a multitude of LA's popular clubs.

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